Oral Cavity’s Problems You Need To Watch Out For

Oral cavity is the entry point of your body. If you want to take care of your health, you have to make sure that the health of your oral cavity is in good state. Furthermore, there are a lot of health conditions which can be identified by having your oral cavity analyzed. Those problems may also be considered oral health issues but those are mainly the consequences of something bad happening in your body.

Cold sores

Cold sores do not appear as a result of cold or fever. As a matter of fact, cold and fever can occur after the appearance of cold sores in the mouth. These sores occur due to transfer of bacteria from one’s oral cavity to the other’s. If you have cold sores, you can get relief with the help of over-the-counter oral gels and medications.


Thrush is also known as yeast infection. It occurs on the tongue and mouth’s inner lining. The main reasons for thrush to occur may include weakened immune system, diabetes, antibiotics, and/or certain medications. You should not wipe away the patches because doing this can result in soreness. Visiting the dentist or doctor is highly recommended.

Black hairy tongue

This condition is not painful. It happens when the papillae on the tongue overgrow and trap bacteria. This presence of bacteria can cause tongue to look black. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, antibiotics, consumption of coffee and tea, and deficiency in saliva production are the main reasons for your tongue to look black and hairy. Getting rid of this condition is pretty easy. You just need to brush your tongue and use a tongue scrapper.


Leukoplakia is a condition which occurs usually due to badly fitting dentures and use of tobacco. It usually occurs in the form of white patches which can be anywhere in the mouth. This condition is usually painless. It can also be a sign of cancer in the very initial stage. Therefore, you need to visit the dentist to get it properly checked.

Geographic tongue

Sometimes, you might see some parts of your tongue without papillae. These patches can change their location. Most commonly this condition is not harmful and it goes away on its own.

Oral cancer

There are several symptoms that can tell that you are having this condition. Those symptoms mainly include numbness in the face, mouth or neck, and problem in chewing and/or swallowing. Use of tobacco in any form, consumption of alcohol and family history of cancer are the main reasons for oral cancer.


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