Tips To Accelerate the Process of Recovery after Oral Surgery

You get to pay a lot for an oral surgery not in terms of only the money but also the comfort and time. Post-surgery scenario can be quite discomforting as well. However, there are some ways you can not only manage the pain but also accelerate the process of recovery. A few tips in this regard are worth mentioning.

Consider having some rest

You will not have to rest for multiple days after oral surgery. One day of rest is going to be enough for you to get on the track of recovery. Although you are not going to recover fully in one day, you can resume with your daily tasks after that one day. Since you are going to be drowsy due to effects of anesthesia, you will have to avoid doing anything which could require concentration.

Follow instruction

After surgery, your dentist will tell you to avoid brushing your teeth or using mouthwash. The reason is that you mouth is going to be too sensitive at that moment. In some cases, you may be allowed to brush the rest of the mouth while making sure that you are not brushing the surgery site.

Use of ice pack

There is going to be swelling on your face after the surgery. This swelling is nothing to worry about. But it may hurt and put you in an uncomfortable state. You can deal with this swelling with the help of ice pack.1 the swelling should reduce after 2 – 3 days. However, you need to call your dentist if this swelling does go awa8y and causes fever. This persistent swelling can indicate infection.

Block the bleeding

The bleeding is a natural process after surgery. It should lessen with time. However, you still need to slow it down with the help of gauze which you will be placing on the surgery site. You will need to press it so that the bleeding is slowed down. If the bleeding doesn’t stop and you need to change the gauze more often, you need to call the dentist.

Make sure that clot is not being damaged

Blood clotting is the natural part of healing process. While the clot is formed, you have to make sure that it is not dislodged because it can create a dry socket in case you are dealing with the post-surgery scenario after tooth extraction. In other cases of oral surgery, you will want your wound to heal faster. Clotting of blood is something you will need to protect in every case.

Watch out for what you eat

After surgery, you will need to eat soft foods. Make sure that you are avoiding any acidic, starchy or chewy foods at least for 2 weeks.

In the end, you will need to visit your dentist regularly to make sure that you are doing well after surgery.


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