What is Digital Smile Design?

Dental Digital smile is a procedure which can restore your missing tooth structure and fill the space of the tooth. Many people lose their tooth structure due to an injury, illness, or intaking of unhealthy food. To restore the structure of the tooth a phenomenal procedure has been introduced called Digital Smile Design. Digital Smile Design gives you a wonderful and almost natural restoration of the missing tooth structure.

Digital Smile Design is a distinctive process which allows a patient to restore his/her smile and also provide a better communication platform between the dentist and the patient. In this treatment, the dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the jaw area, the facial portion, and the teeth. Nowadays, the dentists are using some unique processes for analysis which include videos, 3D photographs, and mockups. The dentists who provide Digital Smile Design treatment have complete knowledge regarding the relationship between lips, gums, teeth, and jaw.

What is the Digital Smile Design process?

The first step is start with the decision. First, you have to take the decision whether you want to take on Digital Smile Design procedure or not. Once you take a decision and want to take this treatment your next step is to find a dentist. The dentist who provides Digital Smile Design treatment. This is your responsibility to find out the best dentist in your town. The dentist who can guide you properly and can tell you’re the intensity of your issue. After that, your dentist will take the 3D picture of the infected tooth from the three dimensions and will take a video from every angle of the mouth. An intraoral scanner is used for the picture’s scanning and then the data has transferred to Digital Smile Software.

An intraoral scanner is a unique scanner with the new technology. The reason behind this is, it offers views of the mouth from every angle. The dentist will able to examine each and every image and can take a decision on the base of this visual representation.

The Second Step

When the data has transferred to the Digital Smile Design Software, the second step is to give shape your teeth in the image. Your dentist will take different forms and shapes from the digital library and place them over the top of the tooth to check the final look of your tooth. You can also see the image and can forecast the final look. The dentist can also grab the information from this picture about the requirements and the treatment of the tooth.

By choosing this treatment you can easily involve in overall communication with your Dental Smile Provider. You can tell your provider, your demands after seeing the 3-dimensional model and mockup image. You can discuss each and every detail regarding your restoration and smile. Actually, the fact is you can choose your tooth structure and smile. The ball is always in your court in Digital Smile Design treatment. You can ask your dentist to place a temporary model of the tooth. So, you can easily understand the final look of your tooth and smile. This is actually important and beneficial for you.

When you approve the model after complete satisfaction, the process of restoration starts. Your dentist will remove off the damaged teeth which may be broken or black in color. After that, implants and veneers are used for the placement of a restored tooth. Your Digital Smile Design provider will fix the one tooth then shift to the next one. After placing all the teeth, the last step is polishing. Your provider will polish the teeth to give them a shiny and clean look.

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